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Custom Latex Foam Manufacturing,
Converting & Fabrication Services

KTT Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of Talalay latex foam and supplier of custom latex foam products. Latex foam materials offered by KTT are highly engineered, cutting edge materials that deliver superior performance and total cost savings over competing products.

For products such as mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows, KTT Enterprises offers Talalay pincore latex foam in a wide spectrum of densities from very soft to extra firm. Latex foam provides extreme durability and "spring back" support, which is proven to be better for orthopedic health than memory foam.

Solid & Pincore Latex Foam Cut to Size!

Cosmetic Wedges

KTT's extensive converting and fabrication capabilities allows them to provide latex foam builds in almost limitless configurations. Their latex foam products have been used in everything from automotive to equestrian applications. KTT is truly a single source supplier with custom fabricating capabilities, creating products that are ready for both B2B and B2C sales such as mattresses and pillows, or for upholstery applications.

Latex foam is also ideally suited for a vast number of cosmetic applications, such as wedge and sponge applicators. Latex foam possesses characteristics that provide seamless integration into cosmetic products. Unlike other foam products, latex foam is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable, rubber based --not plastic based, foam. Its inherent antibacterial properties and superior application and feel makes KTT Enterprises latex applicators the first choice of makeup artists worldwide.

Foam Layers

The KTT Enterprise manufacturing facility is equipped with the manufacturing systems designed to meet the needs of the cosmetic industry as well as the needs of the bedding and upholstery sectors. Custom latex products are always welcome. The KTT staff will provide design and engineering support, prototyping, kitting, bagging and assembly. KTT's custom fabricating and die-cutting capabilities can deliver custom shapes in precise, consistent geometries, as well as custom colors, in almost any quantity. All of these diverse capabilities are backed up by KTT Enterprises' commitment to quality. Every product that leaves KTT, regardless of size or quantity, is subject to an array of stringent quality measures.

To learn more about all of KTT's latex foam manufacturing, fabricating and converting capabilities, see the table below or contact KTT Enterprises directly.

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Latex Foam Manufacturing & Converting Capabilities

General Latex Foam Capabilities
Latex Foam Manufacturing
Vertical Foam Cutting
Horizontal Foam Cutting
Design & Engineering
Pattern Development
Die Cutting
Sample Die Cutting
Foam Process Type
Talalay Latex Foam Process
Modified Talalay Latex Foam Process
Added Value Services
  • Ziploc
  • OPP Bag / Sleeve
  • Heat Seal
Foam Coloring
Vertical Foam Saw - Edge Sweets
Horizontal Foam Saw - Fecken-Kirfel
Die Cutter - Bruno - 50 Ton
Die Cutter - Schwabe 5 Ton
Modified Talalay Foaming Line
Bagging Machine - Auto bag
Latex Foam
Foam Types
Pin Core Latex
Solid Sheet Latex Foam
Modified Talalay Latex Foam
Natural, SBR, NBR, SK
Custom Dies to Specifications
100% Visual Inspection
  • Durability
  • Structural
  • Density
  • Compression
Production Volume
Prototype Runs
Low Volume
High Volume

Additional Information

RMA Tolerances (Rubber Manufacturer's Association)
Foam Density
Pillow - 2 to 4 lbs./Cubic Ft.
Mattress / Topper - 3 to 6 lbs./Cubic Ft.
SK, SBR, Solid Sheets - 6 to 12 lbs./Cubic Ft.
Natural vs. Blended Density Correlation
Natural Latex
Blended Latex
Natural foam density or "feel" is designated by the "N"
N1 equates to
14-19 ILD
Blended foam density or "feel" is designated by the ILD
20-24 ILD
The lower the "ILD" or "N" number, the softer the foam
25-29 ILD

30-34 ILD

35-40 ILD

41 to 44 (firmest)
Dimensions (Modified Solid Talalay)
Max. Length = 58 Inches
Max. Width= 20 Inches
Min. Thickness = 1/16 inches
Max. Thickness = 2 Inches
Sizes (Standard Mattress)
Twin - 39" x 75"
Twin XL - 39" x 80"
Full - 54" x 75"
Queen - 60" x 80"
King - 76" x 80"
Cal King - 72" x 84"
Sizes (Custom Mattress)
Any desired size or shape
Topper covers - 2" or 3" thick available in organic cotton with zipper
Custom covers - organic cotton/wool, with or without zipper


For questions, or to place an order, call: 203-513-8580.

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