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Specialty & Custom Mattresses Latex Foam Boat Mattress (V-Berth)

RV Mattress Foam

Latex foam can be fabricated in custom shapes, densities, and sizes to fit any sleep area. This makes KTT Latex foam bedding ideal for a number of bedding applications including boats, RV’s, round beds, antique beds, and any other custom design. These exclusive capabilities make KTT Enterprises a single source for custom latex foam bedding and a leading provider of latex foam products. To learn more about latex foam bedding, including our custom foam capabilities, contact us directly. We will work with you or your company to design a sleep surface according to your specifications. Let us create the mattress of your dreams!

  • Antique beds
  • Sofa beds
  • Big and tall sizes
  • Pet beds
  • Meditation mats
  • Boat V-berths
  • Yacht staterooms
  • RVs and trucks
  • Platform beds
  • Adjustable beds
  • Floor Pillows
  • Zabutons
Replacement Cushions for RV's, Boats and Trucks
Our comfortable latex foam will serve as a replacement cushion for any of your needs. If your cushion, bunk mattress or dinette has an irregular shape or size, we can make it! Our staff will work with you to replicate the shape you need. Airstream cushions are our specialty! Available in numerous densities from soft to extra firm. Custom cuts. Made in USA.

Natural vs. Blended Density Correlation
Natural Latex
Blended Latex
Natural foam density or "feel" is designated by the "N" #
N1 equates to
14-19 ILD (softest)
Blended foam density or "feel" is designated by the ILD
20-24 ILD
The lower the "ILD" or "N" number, the softer the foam
25-29 ILD

30-34 ILD

35-44 ILD (firmest)

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Sleep On It® - College Mattress Topper

Sleep on It College Mattress Topper

Shopping for college? Dorm beds are quite uncomfortable. Our Latex Foam Topper, voted "The Most Comfortable Topper On The Market," provides a solution!  Click here to enjoy the ultimate sleeping experience. We ship directly to your dorm or home. To order your Sleep On It, visit

Sleep on It College Mattress Topper

We ship directly to your dorm or home!

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Horse Saddle Latex Foam Padding

Horse Saddle Foam
Horse Saddle Foam

At KTT, we supply high quality, latex foam to industry leaders of equestrian products. As a component in high-end saddles, this superior foam provides a custom fit for the rider and the horse. Saddle panels are designed and intended to distribute weight and pressure evenly.

The advantages of latex foam filled panels:
  • Latex Foam is very resilient
  • Latex foam does not shift or compress
  • Latex foam is appropriate for a saddle that is used on multiple horses as it won’t conform to any one horse’s back.
  • Latex foam is available in stock size sheets, including a thinner sheet, thus a thinner panel,
    which provides closer contact.
  • Made in Connecticut, USA – we ship directly from our factory to you.
  • No minimum order required.


Please contact us for samples, quotes or more information regarding this product.

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Packaging Foam

Packaging Foam

Have you considered incorporating a custom piece of foam or a puff in your package design?

Envision your client’s product snuggled in smooth, velvety, superior foam…cradle their item against a soft, sensual, cotton velour puff, secured with a beautiful ribbon…maybe slip a sheet of colored NBR foam at the bottom of a gift bag, tin or plastic container. The ideas are endless when you work with KTT Enterprises, your custom foam and puff manufacturer!

  • KTT is a custom manufacturer: we create according to your specifications. Our comprehensive range of services includes custom size, color, thickness, density & shape.
  • KTT has manufacturing facilities in Hamden, CT, USA and China. This allows you to cater to your national and international clients and allows us to be extremely price competitive.
  • Our foam is 100% biodegradable. Most packaging foams are polyurethane, which does not decompose. Using KTT latex foam, your customer is happier, the earth is happier.
  • We are a WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise. Therefore, our product may fulfill a portion of your client’s Supplier Diversity quota.

With over 30 years’ experience in the custom foam and puff business, KTT’s reputation shines as a quality company that cares about its clients. If you have an idea and need a sample, contact us.

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Latex Ink Pad Foam

Custom Manufacturing of Ink Pad Foam

Rubber stamp manufacturers and knowledgeable hobbyists know all too well that the key to clear stamped images relies on the ink pad itself. For this reason latex foam is the industry standard material for ink pads.

However with the plethora of foam available, selecting material with the optimal characteristics for a particular application requires a supplier with the expertise to know the difference. At KTT Enterprises, we specialize in latex foam, and have helped customers with product selection for a wide range of applications.

Latex foam used for ink pads requires a cell structure that provides a clean transfer of ink and excellent wicking ability. These are critical material functions which facilitate a clear print. Through our many years of experience we have found that the ideal material is SBR latex foam with a density of 8.5 pounds per cu/ft. These specifications equate to a material that is resilient, and will not wear out, thus providing thousands of applications. Due to its versatile nature, latex foam is an option for stamping applications in both manufacturing and printing industries. We carry this advanced material in sheets sizes of 20” x 58”. For more information or for a quote contact us directly.

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Latex Foam Donuts for Drying Fruits & Vegetables – Agricultural Industry

Latex Foam Fruit & Vegetable Drying

KTT Enterprises has 35 years experience manufacturing latex foam donuts for the fruit and vegetable industry. Our strategy is to service the marketplace with the best possible products, quality and pricing available. We are available to discuss your needs and concerns and give you our advice and experience.

A staple for years in the agriculture sector, latex donuts are an integral part of the drying process in the industry. The open cell structure allows for superior moisture absorption over any other foam available. The firm density of our FV latex foam donuts ensures a long life and superior performance.

The foam is supplied in sheet form at 30 x 80 x 1 1/2 inches at 10 pounds per cubic foot density. We can discuss any idea you have to make sure your get what you need.

Please contact us for a sample and a quote.

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Latex Foam Cricket Donuts for Watering Device

Latex Foam Cricket Donut

A standard for years in the cricket industry, KTT Enterprise’s latex foam retains its shape in the watering device, providing a fantastic surface for crickets to hydrate. Our superior, resilient, latex foam maintains a constant moisture without subjecting your crickets to pools of water. Our watering pads and donuts ensure a healthy, active supply of crickets for the consumer’s use.

Please contact us today for more information on this product and our other services.