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Quality materials are as important as craftsmanship in the upholstery industry; whether your needs call for design and construction of new upholstered furniture, re-upholstering existing furniture, or restoring antiques, great foam is the key component that determines the look and feel of the finished product. By using high quality Talalay latex upholstery foam, your products will be constructed with the very best foam available. This material offers a number of advantages over competing materials; Latex foam is proven to last longer and be more comfortable than any polyurethane foam manufactured today. Our Talalay latex foam is the benchmark in upholstery foam.

The Natural Choice for Chemical Free Furniture

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KTT Latex foam is also a “green” product. Unlike polyurethane, which is plastic based, Latex is rubber based, derived from the rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis, making it biodegradable. In addition, all KTT latex foam is manufactured using the Talalay process, which produces the highest quality cushion material available.

To meet your diverse needs, this world class product is offered in a wide range of densities, from super soft to extra firm and everything in between. Both our pincore Talalay latex foam and solid latex is manufactured in Connecticut, USA. Pincore can be purchased in full cores or cut to specifications while solid SBR is available in sheets or cut to spec. All KTT Latex foam can be cut into custom shapes and sizes; if your customer can visualize it, KTT can fabricate it. KTT’s custom cutting service also helps to reduce production labor costs for upholstery projects.

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With no minimum order requirements, we cater to upholsterers, work rooms, interior designers, decorators, and individuals. Buying direct from our factory keeps your costs down. We will gladly send a sample for your review. To learn how these value added capabilities and services can drive out cost and drive up quality in your next upholstery project, contact KTT Enterprises directly.

KTT Enterprises
Proudly offers both
100% Natural Latex Foam
 Blended Latex Foam Talalay Process Manufactured in Connecticut, USA

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Latex Upholstery Foam

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