Frequently Asked Questions About Pincore Latex

KTT Enterprises works in close partnership with Talalay Global, located in Shelton CT, just a few miles away from our factory.
While KTT manufactures solid latex foam, our Talalay pincore material is supplied solely from Talalay Global.

The following content is authorized and provided by Talalay Global.

Question: Wondering the difference between latex foam and memory foam?

Latex Foam and Memory Foam
Most people have heard of and/or seen advertising for Memory Foam mattresses but you may not be as familiar with Talalay Global’s Talalay Latex. Here’s why…

Of the top four mattress companies in the US, one spends more on annual advertising than the other three combined. This company makes only Memory Foam beds. They spend tens of millions every year advertising Memory Foam to consumers. To counter this, the remaining top three US mattress companies (who make metal coil mattresses) also make Memory Foam beds and advertise theirs to stay competitive.

Hence, the circle of abundant advertising for Memory Foam.

Due to this advertising, many people assume that all non-coil beds are made with Memory Foam or that Latex and Memory Foam are the same thing. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In fact, the two materials are actually polar opposites and the sleeping experience could not be more different! Talalay Global Talalay Latex actually outperforms Memory Foam in every way!

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Sleeping hot is the #1 complaint from Memory Foam owners. This is because Memory Foam requires body heat to collapse the Foam cell structure in order to conform to your curves, the collapsing of these cells restricts air flow trapping body heat and radiating it back at you.

Talalay Global Talalay Latex is 7x more breathable than memory foam. The rubber cell structure doesn’t collapse. Its natural resistance lifts your body preventing collapse and allows air to flow through, creating an escape path for body heat.

You won’t have to continuously flip your Talalay Global Talalay Latex pillow or search for a cooler spot on your TG Talalay Latex bed.


Our Talalay Latex is a two-dimensional material; it’s simultaneously supportive and pressure relieving, where memory foam is a one-dimensional- pressure reliever only.

Your body sinks into and through Memory Foam until you hit a separate support layer below. Memory Foam simply can’t accomplish both pressure relief and support on its own. Hitting the support layer below Memory Foam increases pressure on your body.

Talalay Global Talalay Latex is different and testing proves it.

Our Talalay Latex provides 33% more pressure relief while simultaneously creating support because of the buoyant nature of latex. Talalay Global's Talalay Latex material accomplishes both functions (pressure relief & support) on its own so you don’t bottom out on hard layers below.

Our Talalay Latex is the best pressure relieving material used in bedding today. It provides the ultimate in pressure relief so your muscles relax to fall asleep quickly and your circulation can flow to stay asleep soundly.

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Understanding Elastic Hysteresis


Memory Foam, even so called “soft” memory foam has a hard dense feel that is unappealing to many. Some call it “getting stuck in the mud” because after a few minutes your body heat collapses the cells and you sink into a hole molded to your body. It soon becomes very difficult to move or get out of bed, you become trapped in a temporary crater.

Talalay Global Talalay Latex contains naturally based rubber material that gently lifts your body for a light & buoyant experience. Our Talalay Latex instantly conforms and moves with your body, providing postural support and exceptional muscle relief no matter what sleeping position you maintain.

Talalay Global Talalay Latex is like floating- truly luxurious.


Our Talalay Latex uses naturally derived material harvested from rubber trees that create an inherently hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, mold & mildew proof sleeping environment, making it ideal for allergy sufferers or anyone wanting a cleaner bed. In addition our Talalay Latex doesn’t off gas harmful compounds that may be present in Memory Foam.


Cornell Indentation testing proves Talalay Global Talalay Latex is 20x more durable than leading Memory Foam. While leading Memory Foam tears apart during this industry standard ASTM quality test, our Talalay Latex passes with flying colors.

What are some of the advantages of having a latex foam mattress?

  • Anti-microbial built-in and dust-mite resistant to alleviate allergies
  • Optimal orthopedic support (naturally conforming to body contours)
  • Luxurious resilience and feel
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Resistance to moisture & heat
  • Superior pressure relief that that helps bring oxygen and nutrients to muscles
  • Elimination of sleep disturbing motion transfer, so you rest easy even if your partner is restless
  • Ease of choice—no more confusion over innersprings and coil counts

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